Modular components fitted to your needs – with full control over the hub
via a convenient admin backend.

Dashboard components

Easy administration for your convenience, without missing any flexibility.


Central feature of the content management are the news. A dynamic builder allows you to easily publish articles and announcements of any kind. Additionally, the news can be added to a series. Therewith multiple news can be connected with each other to create continuative reports. For more informative content custom pages offer various display options and can be embedded anywhere on the platform.


Key activity of most esports projects is the competition. Tournaments and leagues can be set up in a central tool. The tool offers you any needed settings – whether it be basic information such as dates, name and game or important details as associated sponsors, definable organizers and veto regulations. In case of any complications on player side the protest option provides your customers and your staff convenient handling.


Users want to be rewarded for their engagement and accomplishments. Such rewards can be defined through the gamification feature and will then automatically assigned to achieving users. This additional attraction will draw more user attention to the platform and invite them to stay on the website for a longer period.

Users & Teams

The amount of user data created by tournaments and events can be overwhelming. Direct access to the user management via the admin backend provides you a convenient way of handling. All accounts and teams can be found and edited without excessive data base loading times.


May an event be your own or from external parties – TES provides a well-arranged view for the users and straightforward administration for staff. All organizers can be inscribed central list and retrieved in the event-creation, enabling a clean data management. The event-creation provides you with any settings needed, such as sign-in options, highlighting, display of external organizers and global categorizing. Advanced options such as seat map, transactions and catering even enable the hosting of LAN events and similar formats.

Access Management

The greater the project, the more staff is involved. The well-thought-out access management allows administrators to define and assign custom defined roles to their staff so that every individual has access to the information and tools they need. An activity tracker helps to keep an overview on the operations of the staff and enables retracing.

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